1. Design and implementation

  • programming of controllers and operator panels
  • air analysis and fire alarm systems
  • CCTV, monitoring and alarms
  • automation of processes, machinery and equipment
  • design and prefabrication of control cabinets and switchboards
  • security systems of machines and appliances

2. Maintenance, assembly and repair works

  • fault finding, routine repairs and maintenance of industrial automation devices
  • installation of equipment and systems for industrial automation
  • modification of existing software according to customer's demands
  • start-up operations

3. Measurement, control and service works

  • calibration of signaling and measurement loops
  • calibration of pressure equipment (0-700 bar)
  • servicing of machines and equipment (standard and anti-explosive)


1. Comprehensive realisation of investments

  • MV and  LV, transformer stations, switching stations
  • MV and LV cable and steering lines,
  • installation of power and lighting in industrial buildings
  • design and installation of heating cables for industrial installations

2. Research and measurements in the field of electrical equipment

  • cable, machinery and electrical equipment insulation
  • electrical, lightning protection, grounding installations
  • setting of protection devices
  • controlling of winding resistance and transformer insulation, effectiveness of protection against electric shock, light intensity, etc., thermovision analyses.

3. Inspections, service, maintenance

  • switchgears, transformers, cable lines, HV and LV motors
  • fault finding, routine repairs of installations and equipment
  • outsourcing services in the field of operations and maintenance of power engineering equipment